Bananas About Blondies

Blondies are perfect when you want a cake with the squidgy texture of a brownie but with a little lighter flavour, and today I decided to try out Dan Lepard's recipe for banana blondies. 

This recipe recommends caramelising chopped brazil nuts before adding them to the cake mix, but I chose to use hazelnuts instead. It's very easy to overheat the sugar before adding the nuts if you don't have a sugar thermometer, which unfortunately I don't at the moment. This resulted in the first batch having a slightly burnt after taste - thankfully it only took a few minutes to make them again!

Whilst the caramelised nuts were cooling I made the blondie batter as recommended, using white chocolate, vanilla and chopped bananas to flavour the mix. I then broke the cooled nuts into smaller pieces and folded this into the batter before baking for half an hour. 

The result: a mix between banana bread and a brownie. The sweetness of the white chocolate and vanilla combined with the squidgy texture provided by the bananas makes a blondie that it's very easy to eat lots of. Dangerous really!