Reinventing the Fruitcake

Three times a week my office provide free fruit for the staff. To cut a long story short, one member of my team has taken it on as his personal mission to ensure that nobody takes more than one piece each, so I was asked to make a surprise fruit themed cake for his birthday.

Since very few people seem to actually like fruitcake, it seemed a better idea to make it look fruity rather than taste fruity, so I started by making a Victoria sponge cake. Then, whilst this was baking in the oven, I started icing the board. I liked the idea of making the cake look like a bowl of fruit placed on a tablecloth, so I chose to use a red gingham pattern:

Once cooled, I iced the cake to look like a basic white bowl. It looked a little like a sailor hat at this stage too, but I was hoping that the eventual addition of fruit would fix this (either that or make any sailor look like Carmen Miranda).

Then it was time to start on the fruit. It's surprisingly difficult to make a peach look like a peach and not a bum, but hopefully I was successful (well, successful enough!). Here are a few examples...

 I made all of the fruits out of fondant, but I thought it might be nice to include a little surprise of Maltesers inside the grapes:

Then it was just a case of adding all of the fruits to the top of the cake and drawing a few flowers on the bowl for the final result.

Perhaps not quite as healthy as a bowl of fruit, but hopefully it will go down well in the office tomorrow!