Free Parkin

It would be wrong to let Bonfire Night pass by without baking parkin - particularly when it's so easy to make. This recipe literally took around 10 minutes to prepare before baking for an hour in the oven, so I encourage anyone who hasn't made it before to give it a whirl!

I used the BBC Good Food recipe as a basis for mine. and began by melting 200g unsalted butter, 200g golden syrup, 85g black treacle and 85g soft dark brown sugar in a pan. The recipe recommends light brown sugar and either can be used, but I find dark brown sugar has more depth of flavour and suits parkin well.

Once these ingredients had melted and began to gently bubble, I added 100g porridge oats and allowed them to cook in the hot mix for a couple of minutes before taking the pan off the heat.

The BBC recipe recommends adding one tablespoon of ground ginger when adding the 250g self-raising flour. However, as I prefer more spice to a ginger cake, I added half a tablespoon extra ginger, just to make sure it had a good kick once baked. I also added a teaspoon of cinnamon and a pinch of nutmeg, just because I don't think there is such a thing as too much cinnamon (unless you're taking part in the cinnamon challenge, that is).

I sifted the dry ingredients into the pan and gently mixed it all together, before pouring the batter into a prepared square tin and baking at gas mark 3 (160C) for 55 minutes.

The end of this process is always the hardest part, as really parkin should be left to mature for a couple of days before you eat it. But you should probably try one corner... just to be sure it's okay...