Gluten Schmuten

In an attempt to improve my all-round baking, I decided to make a gluten-free Victoria sponge cake today. 


I've made a few gluten-free based cakes before, generally using ground almond based recipes. However, as Victoria sponge cakes aren't traditionally almond based, I decided to use gluten-free flour for today's bake.

I started by making a basic Victoria sponge in the usual way - beating equal parts butter and sugar, and then adding eggs. As gluten-free flour is known to require a little more moisture to balance it, I used a little more egg than usual when adding the vanilla essence. I then sifted in the flour and baking powder before baking the mix for a good 45 minutes.

In anticipation of pancake day, I also made a plum syrup earlier today by boiling plums, sugar and water. This was perfect timing as it left me with some sugary, soft plums (yep, you read it right) which were ideal as a jam replacement when sandwiched in the cake. I then topped these with some freshly whipped Chantilly cream.

Then it just needed its hat on to finish the whole affair.


As always, the proof is quite literally in the pudding, and I'm pleased to say that this sponge did not suffer at all for its lack of gluten. The texture was moist and well balanced (even if I do say so myself) and I'd certainly try baking again with this flour in future! I'd give it glu-ten out of ten. Well, I guess that doesn't really make sense because it has no gluten in it. But you know what I mean. SUE ME.