Through the Looking Glass

I had two cakes to make for Friday last week, which meant it was a pretty hectic Thursday! As such I'm afraid this post and the next are mainly photos with little description (but that's not always a bad thing when it comes to cakes!).

The first cake was for my friend Lucinda's 30th birthday and her Mad Hatter themed party. I started by making two chocolate fudge cakes (one a little smaller than the other) and a big bowl of raspberry buttercream, which I made by mixing fresh raspberries into vanilla buttercream. My friend also wanted the cake to be wonky, so before icing the separate tiers I carved them into angles. I didn't make them quite as wonky as originally planned though as I knew they had to make it back to her party in one piece!

I iced the bottom tier in 'cheshire cat' style colours using blue and purple fondant:

Then, I added the second tier on top and covering it with a white 'tablecloth' style layer of frilled fondant:

Once this had set a little, I used cookie cutters to cut out 'Happy 30th' for the top tier and made a fondant top hat for the top of the cake. I then twirled some colourful modelling wire and added it to the cake for the final result:

Sadly I couldn't make the party, but hopefully the cake went down well!